My scratch map

irst off, shout out to my friend and travel buddy Maria for buying me my scratch map!

The first time I heard about a scratch map was on my trip to Toronto last October, and from then, I knew I had to get my hands on one. This was wayΒ before I had started my travel blog and it was around that time that I decided to make this year my year of travelling, which I have since decided to extend indefinitely lol (too many countries and so little time).

I’m not gonna lie, my scratch map has just been chilling in my room for a few weeks now. Yesterday I decided to get it out and get to scratching.Β I opted for scratching out the whole country or state as opposed to the cities, as it can be a bit hard to locate a city and I just end up scratching the wrong city lol.

Despite this, I really do love my scratch map. Being able to visually see what countries I’ve been to in comparison withΒ the many countries I still have yet to visit is so cool.Β It’s so motivating to wake up to the map on my wall; It makes me want to work hard so I can travel evenΒ harder!

8 thoughts on “My scratch map

  1. It’s so great to find someone having a blog who have similar content and same theme as me. I would like to buy a scratch map too, but currently finding one with a white background. Keep up your great work! (:

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  2. I have one too! It’s still in the gift box I got from my boyfriend, because I want to give it a special place in my new house. I’m almost done renovating it and thank God for that, because I want to speed up travel experiences again (not that I can complain ;p) But you can never get too many opportunities to travel!

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    1. Haha, you’re definitely right about that! There are so many countries that I want to visit and I don’t think I could ever get tired of travelling. A scratch map is a really cool way to keep track of your travels, so I’m sure you’ll love it! πŸ™‚


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