Ten funny but relatable travel memes

There’s nothing like a few funny memes to brighten up your day! Here’s ten funny, but relatable travel memes:


The struggle is so real… 😔



As much as I try, I always seem to be such a mess at airports… it’s definitely a work in progress! But on a positive note, I’ve finally mastered getting all my toiletries into the little clear bags when I’m travelling with just a carry-on. 😎



Why you always lying?!



I can’t be the only one who does this… right?!



I work hard, but I travel harder! 💪🌍



Once in a while you need to get away from all the drama and swap that tea for a cocktail on the beach!



Felicia be living life!



Please note that Africa is not a country. Africa is a continent with 54 unique countries.



I don’t think I’ll ever learn how to pack light…



So… I was thinking Cambodia or maybe Indonesia… What do you think? 🤔


What was your favourite meme? Like always let me know what you think in the comments!

Well, until next time. Deuces! ✌💛

11 thoughts on “Ten funny but relatable travel memes

  1. CAMBODIA!!! That’s a place on my top 3!! Oh that would be so bloody good to go there.

    And these are hilarious – I’ve never really looked at any travel meme’s, so maybe I need to! Great laugh

    1. Cambodia looks amazing! I really hope I get to go there this year and hopefully you do too!

      I love travel memes. Glad to hear you enjoyed them too! 😊

  2. Theyre all real funny The packing one I can relate. Lol force of habit. I try not to be the friend that says they will go and don’t. I’d rather say it’s unlikely initially. So if my situation changes they won’t be disappointed

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