Dubai 2017 Photo Album

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you already know that last week I was in the stunning city of Dubai. What you may not have known is that my girl Tinuke and I visited Dubai to celebrate her birthday – check out her blog and show her some birthday love!

Yes, what better way to celebrate another year of life than to visit a new country? Talking of new countries, UAE marks my 17th country! Eight more to go to reach my goal of 25 countries before I turn 25!! 💃🏾

Having travelled a lot in Europe, we are so used to short flights that I think we might have forgotten that it’d take us a tad bit longer than the usual three hours to get there. From travel time alone, our six day trip seemed to have been reduced to four days.

In an attempt to fit in as much as we could in those four days, we planned our whole trip well beforehand and booked most of the tours and activities before we left. Fitting so much into a few days was extremely tiring, but definitely worth it! There is definitely much more that we weren’t able to see and experience, but hey, who says you can’t go to the same place twice!?

So here are a few pictures from our trip to Dubai and a day trip to Abu Dhabi. Enjoy!


Dubai Miracle Garden
Marina Beach – a beach with a view!
Views from Burj Khalifa


Water park day!


My photography skills are so on point, if I do say so myself lol
Image one of fifty… Yes I went to the desert and practically had an entire photoshoot #bloggerlife 😂
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Dubai mall aquarium
Burj Khalifa at night


Dubai Miracle Garden



Sunset in the desert
I can’t get over how beautiful this mosque is! 😍


Dancing fountains
One of many stunning chandeliers in the mosque
Burj Khalifa
Sunflower girls 🌻

IMG_4069 IMG_3955 IMG_5028

Abu Dhabi

IMG_5370 IMG_5299 IMG_4731

Naija girls in our dashikis 🙅🏾‍♀️
My new friend, Butterfly! 🐬😍


Well, until next time guys!


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25 thoughts on “Dubai 2017 Photo Album

      1. It’s a decent camera. I choose it because it’s really light, so very easy to use for vlogging.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I really loved your photos. Dubai is on my list of places visit. I just have to find a friend to go with. I am excited that you are going to make your list of places to travel before 25.

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! I can’t stop going back to the photo of the view from Burj Khalifa, and now I really want a trip to Dubai too.

  3. Awesome pics, I can see much fun was had by you both. It would be nice to see you write a post on your general experiences travelling with friends over travelling alone.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, we had an amazing time! Ohh that’s a great idea! I was actually thinking about that yesterday, not as a blog post, just random thoughts while I was in a park. Thanks!

  4. No the pictures are really beautiful, this shows how beautiful Dubia is, will surely visit there one day, thanks for sharing, I hope you enjoyed yourself there?

    1. Thank you!! It was tiring, but we had such an amazing time. You could always travel somewhere close to home and there’s nothing wrong with solo travelling, a lot of people actually prefer it. I really hope you do get to travel soon though! Xx

    1. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to see everything we wanted. Bastikiya was one of the places we missed out on, but it does look amazing from the pictures I’ve seen. It’s difficult to choose a favourite part, I loved it all! 🙂

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