10 Signs That You’re Going Through Travel Withdrawal

If you’re stuck at home with travel on the mind, then you might relate to a few of these signs of travel withdrawal.

You miss the things you used to hate about travel

When you can’t do something, you really learn to appreciate it more. Even the parts of it that you used to hate.

So call me crazy if you will, but I miss being stuck at an airport for hours waiting for a delayed flight. I miss the petty little arguments and disagreements that happen on a group trip. And, yes, I even miss packing and unpacking my suitcase.

I miss them so much 😭

Everyday is #ThrowbackThursday

Everyday seems to be merging into one. Who even knows what day of the week it is anymore?

So, I guess it’s no surprise that you seem to think everyday is Thursday, because all you seem to post is #TBTs of your travels on Instagram.

Anyway, let me go post my own #TBT ✌🏾

You start online shopping for when you can next travel

You might not know when you’ll next be travelling, but who says you can’t be prepared?

15 bikinis later, 3 separate orders from different websites and a call from your bank to confirm that you made all those purchases… There’s no such thing as going overboard when it comes to shopping for your travels right? Right?

You keep reminiscing about your travels

You’ve lost count of the number of times that you find yourself scrolling through your phone gallery, laughing at the memories from all your pictures and videos.

You’ve gone through everything in the once dusty box where you keep all your travel memorabilia. All the post cards, plane and train tickets and the random AF souvenirs.

You’ve also read your travel journal from front to back and it’s left you feeling a litttle high from all the amazing memories. Same again tomorrow?

You get excited when you see a destination you visited in a movie

Without fail, whenever you see a destination you’ve been to in a movie, you get mad excited and you have to tell the person you’re watching the movie with. Even if you’re watching the movie on your ones.

70% of your conversations start with “When I was in…..”

You take every single chance that you get to talk about your travels. Now every time your friends and family hear “When I was in…”, they sigh because they know they’re in for a long story that they’ve heard a thousand times before.

You get random flashbacks from your travels

Any random thing seems to give you Raven style flashbacks of your travels.

It could be the sound of a squeaky door that reminds you of the wheels on your suitcase squeaking along the airport walkways. Or even the smell of your dinner being cooked can take you back to suya (spicy meat) on the beach in Lagos, Nigeria. 😍

Literally anything can trigger your flashbacks.

In worse case scenarios, even just hearing words such as “travel”, “sun” or “holiday” can trigger a flashback.

You’ve watched everything that’s travel related on Netflix

So you’ve decided to live through Netflix and now you’ve watched every single travel related movie and TV series on Netflix. What’s next?

You relate everything you do at home to things you did on your travels

As you get yourself a bowl of cereal, you remember the time you and your friends cooked up a storm in your airbnb in Budapest.

As you go to your room to take your 3rd nap of the day, you remember the time you was in Puerto Rico swinging in a hammock as you sipped on a daiquiri.

Every single task, no matter how mundane, can be related back to a moment on your travels. *Sigh*

You start pretending to be on holiday

This is what happens when you reach the worse stages of travel withdrawal.

Being so distraught that you are not travelling, you pretend that you are on holiday. Sometimes you even start to believe your own lies.

This can happen in many ways, from browsing on skyscanner when you know you’re not booking no flights, packing your suitcase for imaginary flights, wearing clothes that you would wear on your travels or even sunbathing on a beautiful beach in Barbados when in reality you are on a cloudy balcony in London…

That reminds me, let me go unpack my suitcase after getting back from my around the world in 7 days trip. It was amazing y’all!! 😍😂

Well, that’s it y’all!

I hope this post gave you a few giggles. Let me know in the comments which signs of travel withdrawal that you can relate to.

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