20 Travel Tips From Black Travel Bloggers

I love seeing my people travel and one of the goals of this blog is to encourage and help more black people to get out there and see the world.

As it is Black History Month in the UK, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some travel tips from some amazing black travel bloggers. The tips cover everything from saving to travel, finding flight and accommodation deals and slaying on your travels.

Save your coins tips

Have a separate bank account for your travel savings

“Have a certain amount that goes into a separate bank account that you don’t touch. At my 9-5, I would just send $25 per pay period (biweekly) to a savings account that I had. I never used the debit card or had ATM access. It was an easy way to save and you don’t even miss that money. Choose whatever amount works best for you.”

Monique, Wanderlust my way

Monique is a full-time Travel Writer and solo female traveller. She hopes to inspire women to travel solo at least once in their lives.

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Spend your money with intention

“Be intentional about your spending. This means no buying things that don’t ‘spark joy’ (shout out Marie Kondo) or eating out for lunch every day. If it’s a choice between upgrading my iPhone or booking a flight…*logs onto Skyscanner.*”

Rebekah, Rebekah Makinde

Rebekah is a London based travel content creator and photographer. She focuses on solo female backpacking and is preparing to travel for 12 months around SE Asia and Central America in 2020.

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Collect Avios points

“Loyalty to a brand is essential so you can really rack up points which can be converted to free or discounted flights. So the cheapest flights are not always the cheapest in the long run. Avios points can also be increased by switching from a Visa card to an Amex, for everyday spending. Also look out for offers that double or triple your points. Friend referrals are also a good way to get some additional points.”

Pelumi, Black Kintsugi

Pelumi is a 24-year-old, currently in the final year of her PhD studentship in cancer research and human genetics. She has set herself a goal to see all 195 countries and be the youngest black woman to do so.

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Make multifunctional purchases

“When purchasing for your trip, purchase items that are multifunctional. For example, a travel blanket can be used as a blanket, pillow, salat rug, around the neck as a scarf or around the shoulders as a shawl.”

Kamila, Travel Glam Life

Kamila is the primary content creator on Travel Glam Life. She is a Muslimah Quaintrelle devoted to guiding others on how to indulge in every moment based out of Fort Myers, Florida.

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Flight catchin tips

Use Skyscanner’s multi-city tool

“If you use the Skyscanner multi-city tool you can get heavily discounted or free stopovers as part of your trip.”

Efia, Effy talks life

Efia is a solo travel blogger and a one woman wanderer who’s on a mission to empower other women to book that solo trip! On her blog you’ll find travel inspiration, digital nomad tips and honest discussions about mental health and black travel.

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Sign up to Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club is the plug. I believe the premium for £9 every 3 months is worth it. You are essentialy paying for the service of having someone look for flight deals for you non-stop.”

Sarah, Sarah Toyin

Sarah is a travel blogger and content creator. She has moved abroad and lived an expat life in South Korea, travels solo often and loves writing travel guides and giving travel tips. She serves females who look like her to inspire them to travel and maybe even live abroad.

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Use Google Flights and Hopper to find the best deals

Google Flights and Hopper are pretty good with showing you the cheapest price available and predicting if the prices will fluctuate. They are also very good at letting you know the cheapest time to travel to your destination. “

Sherrell, The Afro Traveller 

Sherrell is the creator and owner of The Afro Traveller where she promotes travel for everyone. She shares tips on ways to save and budget for any trip, she even shares her wild adventures.

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Find out which destinations are “cheaper” for you

“For some people, flying to Asia is cheaper. For others, it’s Europe. You can use Google Flights to get a rough estimate of which regions generally have cheaper flights for your home airport and keep an eye out on those locations instead of trying to go where everyone else is vacationing!”

Kay, The Awkward Traveller 

Kay is a best-selling fiction author and travel blogger, who focuses on making travel more accessible, relatable, and inclusive – especially for those in underrepresented and underserved communities. She founded a non-profit that sponsors young adults for their first travel experience.

Check out Kay’s guide to finding cheap flights

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Hotel livin tips

Get a free hotel stay during your layover

“Before making a flight booking, read the terms and conditions provided on the official airline website. To get a free hotel stay, follow the airline’s instructions, as you may be able to do this through ‘manage bookings’ on the official airline website. Alternatively call the airline, give them your booking reference number and request for a free transit hotel stay.”

Joyce, DIY with Joy

Joyce is a travel, food, lifestyle content creator, encouraging a community to find more joy in travelling and cooking, life & wellbeing. She loves sharing tips on how to #travelsmart and creating nutritious recipes inspired by travelling.

Read about Joyce’s transit experience in Beijing

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Get an Airbnb for group travel

“If you’re traveling with a group or family consider a vacation rental like Homeaway and Airbnb instead of staying in a hotel to save money. Make sure to do your research, read the reviews, and ask the host questions before comitting.”

JoAnna, JoAnna E

JoAnna is the founder of JoAnna E, a travel and lifestyle platform for professional millennials looking to make travel a priority despite their busy lifestyles.

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Do both bougie and budget

“If you have limited funds for accommodation but want some luxury, you don’t have to miss out entirely. Spending your entire holiday in luxury accommodation may dent your account significantly, but if you plan well, you won’t have to break the bank to indulge in the experience for a night or two. Set your amount and plan how you’ll split it between budget and luxury options accordingly. In such situations, I personally like to save the best for last and end my holiday on a high.”

Davida, Wonders of Wanders 

Davida shares travel, food and culture experiences at Wonders of Wanders, with plenty of laughs and lessons along the way.

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Check multiple websites

“Cross check different sites to find the best deal (as prices vary on websites). Sign up to websites such as booking.com where you can earn discounts and there’s the option for free cancellation which is great for when you’re still deciding (just don’t forget to cancel what you don’t need on time!)”

Jess, Road2culturedom

Jess uses her travel and culture blog Road2culturedom, to share her experiences of finding and immersing herself in local culture wherever she travels. She also shares tips on how you can do the same!

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Live your best life tips

Check out what the local tourism board offers

“Find out whether the local tourist board offers a meet the locals scheme where you can have an organised walk. Sometimes on a one to one basis, which could be tailored to your own hobbies. It’s a good way to gain local insights and your bearings. Areas such as Nice in France offer such services.”

L, Franglais27 Tales

L is a London based Francophile who writes about film, travel and lifestyle.

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Learn a few words in the local language

“Learn a few words in the local language of every country you visit. It’s the easiest way to gain help and respect from the locals. The key words I learn each trip are: Hello, Bye, Thank You, Food and how much!”

Lateef, Lateef Saka

Lateef is an art, travel and lifestyle blogger based in London. He has currently visited 66 countries.

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Download the tiqets app

“The Tiqets app is a free app that’s great for discounted tours and entry to many popular tourist sites. It’s also great when you need inspo for planning your itinerary.”

Majean, Majean G

Majean is a Trini lifestyle, travel and fashion blogger living in London. She shares her journey in this crazy ride called life.

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Connect with the locals

“Connect with locals. They know the true value of activities and can advise you if you’re overpaying”

Kojo, Holiday Helper

Kojo, also known by his social media name, Holiday Helper, is a London based travel content creator and holiday planner. Kojo uses his experience in the travel industry to source the best value for money deals, visit his website for his holiday planning services.

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Hair and beauty slay tips

Travel with bantu kots

“I highly recommend bantu knots, that’s like 2-3 styles sorted. I lost my hand luggage liquid bag whilst travelling and had never been so grateful that I had this style.”

Sylvsz, Frizz & Go

Sylvsz’s blog remixes things that are a part of her. So, she writes about books, mental health and her travel experiences.

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Use travel-size bottles for your makeup

“Buy yourself some travel-size bottles from Superdrug or Amazon and fill these up just for your travels. Now don’t go and use them when you return from your holiday. Leave them filled up for when your next wanderlust calls. Cheesy I know right. That way, you have your makeup ready on the go.”

Adebola, My Breaking Views

Adebola is a travel, lifestyle and food blogger. She hopes to share stories which will encourage others to travel and say yes to that overseas job/study abroad opportunity.

Check out Adebola’s guide on how to pack for a getaway

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Travel with a protective style

“Braids and wigs are the best! I guess it depends on the person, but taking care of my natural hair takes too much time so I prefer to have it out of the way/ not have it be something I think about on my trips.”

Oluwakemi Loriade, LoriKemi

Oluwakemi Loriade (aka LoriKemi) has been pursuing a fun travel goal (#54before54) while building her career and navigating life/ lifestyle changes in three countries on two continents over the last three years. On her blog, she writes about travel and lifestyle.

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Use concealers instead of foundation

“Take concealers versus foundation. It saves on space and if you get a tan, you can use a darker shade as a foundation and blend it out.”

Char, Memoirs and Musings

Char is a London-based travel, lifestyle and beauty blogger with a 9-5 and a take on travel that is luxury on a budget. She loves white wine, 6 am flights, cancelled plans and 90s R&B. Char is also the co-host of The Hustle Hotline podcast where she discusses millennial lifestyle, side-hustles and memes.

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Well, that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Let me know in the comments which tips are your favourites. And don’t forget to check out all these talented black travel bloggers!

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