Porto 2017 photo album

In January, I embarked on my first solo trip; I can now tick solo travel off my birthday bucket list!! πŸ’ƒ

I visited Porto which is known for it’s port wine and bridges.Β A blog post and vlog are currently in the pipelines… I look forward to sharing my first experience of solo travel with you all (the first of many solo trips)!

For now, here are a few pictures from my trip. The pictures were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and my Canon EOS M3.

20170127_115708IMG_2839IMG_3152IMG_3087IMG_2946IMG_3754IMG_3211 featureIMG_3526IMG_3604IMG_2940IMG_3183IMG_3342IMG_3525IMG_3514IMG_3458IMG_3472IMG_3323IMG_3211IMG_3203IMG_2871IMG_3612IMG_3595IMG_3652IMG_3157IMG_3307IMG_3751IMG_3432IMG_3343IMG_3626IMG_3580IMG_3427IMG_3543

Deuces! βœŒπŸ’›

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5 thoughts on “Porto 2017 photo album

  1. IM GOING TO PORTO ON SUNDAY AND IM SO EXCITED!!! This post has just exemplified it! Did you go on any port wine tastings?? If so, which one did you go to? I’m so torn between all the port houses on offer.. I may have to take a trip around a couple dozen of them because port is always a good time!

    1. Ohhh wow that’s cool and were travelling on the same day too! You’ll love Porto, it’s such a beautiful city. I was meant to go to one of the port houses for a tour and wine tasting, but I’m so last minute that when I turned up there was only one more tour and it wasn’t in English. So I just ended up a wine tasting shop and I tried port wine for the first time.

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